The Edge have sourced the highest quality products at competitive prices, and all items are ready for distribution from our
Perth warehouse.

Many Australian industries are seeing the benefits of importing products as the quality and longevity continues to improve. The team from The Edge have more than 20 years’ experience in working in the international market, and our connections and business relationships give us the edge in what we can offer our clients. From years of research, we have committed to a range of products that we can guarantee are well made, have been extensively tested, are hard wearing and long-lasting, and meet Australian standards.
Importing products rather than buying locally saves money. It’s no secret that manufacturing costs overseas are significantly less than Australian competitors, even when you add in transportation costs. The Edge are pleased to be able to pass on these savings to our West Australian customers.

The Edge is recognised for supplying welding tools and supplies, metal cutting/grinding discs, and workshop supplies that are manufactured for the Australian construction, mining, and manufacturing industries.



Jaco Lyu has more than 16 years of experience facilitating imports
and exports in Australia. He is passionate about utilising his large
network of international suppliers and customers to help
Australian companies grow. Originally from Shanghai,

Jaco is now a proud West Australian, and enjoys being able to use
his connections and history to help WA businesses.



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