Choosing the appropriate welding consumables for the application can make a difference to the finished product. Our range of Welding Wire includes Solid Gas Metal Arc welding wire, Composite GMAW wire and Gas-shielded Flux-cored Arc welding wire, Carbon Steel welding electrode and Cellulose welding electrodes, which are the main types used in the Australian mining and construction industries.

We stock only the highest quality products at reasonable prices and all our items have been proven to be strong, durable and easy to use. Whatever the welding job we have the right wire to suit


To get the most out of your cutting/ grinding discs, you need the right product that suits your exact requirements, ensures safety, and offers maximum efficiency. Our range of Industrial Cutting Discs have been manufactured for a variety of applications including metal fabrication, industrial production, and construction and maintenance.

Our products have been rigorously tested and are proven to suit the needs of Australian mining and construction workers. From thin cutting wheels that slice through metal, to our large diameter wheels for the biggest cuts, our range of Industrial cutting/ grinding discs suit the most demanding jobs and are the most competitively priced on the market


Safety is the forefront of all industries, and industrial quality gloves are a must-have. Our range of Industrial Safety Gloves offer the highest
protection from rough objects, sparks, and heat, and ensure the ultimate cushioning in heavy-duty work requirements.

Our products have been tested in different conditions and are guaranteed to be ultra-tough, comfortable, fashionable, and longlasting. Whatever the job, task, or activity at hand, we have the perfect work glove for you at the most competitive price.



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